"Heaven has a plan for you."

Do you believe your spirit
lives on after you pass?

Do you believe in unseen
supernatural forces?

Do you believe there is true meaning in
good versus evil?

After reading this, you will!

The human race is at a critical juncture. Famed author and spiritualist Ruth Montgomery and her Spirit Guides are communicating from The Other Side with crucial information that can help humanity save itself from destruction.

Since early 2002, three members of the Macomber family—Jane, Paul, and Rob—have been involved in the most amazing experience of their lives: receiving communications via "automatic writing transmissions" from the spirit of the late award-winning journalist and noted author of many groundbreaking books on psychic phenomena, Ruth Montgomery. These transmissions occur when the energy of a departed spirit enters the body and moves the pen in the hand across the paper on its own.

What is Heaven’s optimistic outlook for planet earth?

"We need to glorify good deeds, no matter how small... Everyone needs light...the light’s starting to burst out at the seams, because there is a real desire to get back to doing good."

This is the same method by which Mrs. Montgomery, the one-time "Diane Sawyer of Her Day" turned "First Lady of the Psychic World," received information from spirits she called her Guides from The Other Side, penning numerous titles about the paranormal while she was alive.

Now, for the first time, you can have access to these sacred transmissions in the stunning new book: Ruth Montgomery Writes Again!

Based upon hundreds of pages of transmissions received over the past several years Ruth Montgomery Writes Again!, the first in our Good Against Evil series, issues an imperative for the human race. Ruth and the Spirit Guides have said it is critical that humanity recognize what needs to be done in order to turn things around for our world.

This remarkable book reveals...

  • Transmissions from famed author and psychic, Ruth Montgomery
  • Heaven’s Action Plan for Planet Earth
  • Celestial correspondence from renowned psychic Arthur Ford and other Spirit Guides
  • Biographic details of Ruth Montgomery’s incredible life
  • The special power of celebrity to create change
  • How to conquer fear and live a life of Love
  • Discover the realm of the Spirit Guides
  • Explore the world of Walk-Ins and soul transference
  • Bonus information you can use in your personal life

You will never look at the world the same way again and will find it impossible
to forget about the information contained in
Ruth Montgomery Writes Again!